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Brighton Pier Decking Candle Holder


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Elevate Your Home Decor with the Reclaimed Brighton Pier Decking Candle Holder – A Piece of History Illuminated!

????️ Imagine the soft glow of candlelight dancing across your space, casting a warm and inviting ambiance. Now, envision it emanating from a piece of history – the Reclaimed Brighton Pier Decking Candle Holder.

Size of holes for tea lights / candles are 3.5cm – normal ikea candles are too wide for this. Pls check your candles before ordering :)

All our reclaimed pier wood is Azobe (AKA Ekki) a very hard, heavy and durable tropical hardwood from West Africa.

???? Key Features:

A Piece of Brighton Pier History: Crafted from authentic reclaimed decking materials from the iconic Brighton Pier, this candle holder brings a touch of nostalgia and heritage into your home. Each piece holds a unique story and carries the spirit of this famous landmark.

Eco-Friendly Elegance: Embrace sustainability with style. By repurposing weathered wood from the pier, this candle holder not only exudes charm but also reduces environmental impact.

Rustic Beauty: The natural patina and weathering of the wood create a rustic, weathered finish that adds character and charm to any space. No two candle holders are alike, making each one a truly individual work of art.

Versatile Design: The Reclaimed Brighton Pier Decking Candle Holder is designed to accommodate a variety of candle sizes. From slender tapers to chunky pillar candles, it provides a versatile and elegant platform for your favorite candle styles.

Sturdy and Stable: Crafted with precision, this candle holder is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, so you can enjoy flickering candlelight without worry.

Artistry in Simplicity: The design is minimalist and timeless, allowing it to seamlessly blend into any decor style – from coastal and nautical themes to contemporary and eclectic interiors.

A Conversation Starter: Showcase your appreciation for history and craftsmanship. Your guests will be captivated by the story behind this unique piece.

Gift of Memories: Whether it's a thoughtful housewarming gift or a token of appreciation for a loved one, this candle holder is a meaningful way to share the spirit of Brighton Pier.

Add a touch of nostalgia, elegance, and sustainable design to your living space with the Reclaimed Brighton Pier Decking Candle Holder. It's more than just a decorative piece; it's a connection to a cherished piece of British history, lovingly preserved and repurposed to light up your life.

Illuminate your home with a slice of Brighton's past. Order your Reclaimed Brighton Pier Decking Candle Holder today and bask in the warm, historic glow it brings to your space. ????️????


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