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Oceanic Woodstore, a local furniture design company, is making waves in the industry with its commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. Specialising in home decor and storage solutions crafted from reclaimed wood sourced from the wilds of East Sussex.

The founder is Jim Callender, a 50 something dad living and working in Brighton, Sussex. When Jim is not working with wood, he loves trail running, and cycling around the beautiful South Downs and walking many of the wild Sussex beaches with his family.

Like most aspiring entrepreneurs, Jim changed gear and career post covid lockdown in 2022. He has great success selling handmade woodwork items on Etsy, and before you know it, Oceanic Woodstore was born. Making a full time career from his passion which brings him incredible wellbeing on a day to day basis, and also satisfaction from seeing the many customers enjoying the products that he makes by hand in his Brighton workshop, the Print Werks.

Oceanic’s Values

We are passionate about giving wood a second chance, to shine as beautiful home decor, or stand out as a characterful garden furniture.

Oceanic’s Materials

Our materials are often found in the wild, along the shorelines of the Sussex coast or donated from places where the wood would otherwise go to landfill or be burnt.

Oceanic Woodstore aims to be at the forefront of the upcycling movement. Our work reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases by always recycling and reusing wood.

Local Roots, Global Impact

Founded with a passion for both design and environmental responsibility, Oceanic Woodstore takes pride in its local roots. The company not only showcases the charm and character of Sussex through its creations but also contributes to the global conversation on sustainable living.

Community Engagement

Oceanic Woodstore invites the community to explore its unique pieces at its workshop in Lewes. From the intricate details of each design to the narratives behind the reclaimed materials, every visit to the showroom is an opportunity to connect with craftsmanship and conscious living.

Sustainability in Practice

Oceanic Woodstore transforms discarded materials into pieces of functional art. Each item is a testament to the beauty of reclaimed wood and the character it brings By giving new life to these materials, Oceanic Woodstore creates furniture that not only tells a story but contributes to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Founder Jim Callender – Photo Credit: Finn Callender

Still Haven't Found What You're Looking For?

As all of our furniture is handmade, just let us know how you exactly want it.